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Cappadocia from Side 3 days

Excursion price



Children (7 - 12 )


Infants (0 - 6)


Avanos,Urgup,Underground City,Valley of Doves in Cappadocia,Goreme Museum in Cappadocia

What you have to know

Tour days

Tuesday, Friday

Tour hours

06:30 - 19:00


transfers, insurance, guide services, tickets, overnight stay, breakfast and dinner


dinners at $10, a pass ticket to the Gerem Museum $10, Turkish night $30, if you like, flight in balloons $180


Comfortable clothes, shoes, warm cape, drinking water


Day One

Transfer on a comfortable bus from the hotel
First stop in the morning for breakfast (lunch box from the hotel)
Start a tour of Saratli with a visit to the underground city
The next point of the tour is the Turkish village of Chavushin
A tour of the Valley of the Three Beauties (Uch Guzel)
Visit to the famous city of Gerem
A guided tour of the Gerem Museum
Check in with cave-style concept and dinner

Day two

Early morning departure to the festival and flight in hot air balloons
Flying on balloons or being able to watch this spectacle
Return to the hotel for breakfast
Visit to a gift shop in Cappadocia
Stop at the Ihlar Valley for panoramic photos in Cappadocia
Continuation of the tour in the valleys of Pashabag and The Rose Valley
A guided tour of the Kyzylirmak Valley
Avanos Tour
Lunch break in the restaurant
Departure to the Hotel Cappadocia
Dinner at the hotel

Day Three

Visiting the parade of balls for those who flew on the 2nd day and those who want to see
Back to the hotel
Breakfast and eviction
A guided tour of the pigeon valley
Caravanserai tour
Lunch break in Restoan
Return to Side

A three-day trip to Cappadocia from Side is very popular with tourists. Ordering this tour, you will be able to see a lot and at the same time do not get tired, as the tour is carefully planned so that you get the maximum information and at the same time not tired.

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Content of the trip


A three-day excursion to Cappadocia begins with a visit to the Uchisar fortifications, and a Russian-speaking guide tells tourists in detail about this area. Then the largest open-air museum in Cappadocia, Goreme, is presented to tourists. Well, then tourists will be shown a large number of red rocks in the village of Chavushin. A promising start, isn't it?

  • Next, tourists will be taken to Avanos, where they will be fed a delicious lunch and shown the old pottery workshops. And then it is even more interesting - tourists will see the Devrent and Pashabat valleys, where they will have panoramic views of incredible beauty.
  • In the village of Ugrul, tourists will be offered to taste Turkish wines and observe the local nature from the observation deck. You can also book an inexpensive hot air balloon flight - what amazing views open up on this flight!
  • This concludes the first part of the Cappadocia program from Side for three days. On the second day, you will be taken to Goreme Park, where you will experience the natural beauty of the area. Well, fans of extreme sports will undoubtedly like the ancient underground city of Derenkuyu. Next, you will enter the large Ihlara Canyon, where you can walk along the river and have lunch at a local restaurant.
  • At the end of the second day, you will be shown the monastery complex and an amazing panorama that will open before you from the Valley of the Doves.
  • As you can see, the program is packed to the limit - in three days you will have time to see a lot of sights in Cappadocia. And everywhere a English-speaking guide will tell you about the historical events related to each structure you visit.
  • Third day Excursion to Cappadocia for three days from Side you will be met with breakfast at 9 am, and then you will be taken to the Greek village of Mustafalasha - previously the largest settlement of the Greeks lived there. There are plans to further visit the ancient Keshlik monastery, and then the Soanli valley with the monastic complexes.
  • Then a delicious lunch awaits you in pleasant company and again acquaintance with the history of this region. You will arrive at the archaeological site in Sobesos, visit the village of Ortahisar and visit the monastery called Halacha, which was a hospital during the war years. Well, then you will be taken to where you were taken from.

The tour program is more than eventful, isn't it? Yes, and do not forget to bring comfortable clothes and shoes with you, because you will have to travel a lot. And, of course, take your camera with you - it will be a shame if you don’t have any photos of this exciting journey left as a souvenir.

The price of a three-day excursion to Cappadocia from Side includes accommodation (nights) at a hotel, dinners and breakfasts, services of a English-speaking guide, tickets to the museum and transfer from your hotel and back. Remember that you need to take some money with you, as you will have to pay extra for a ticket to Goreme, a flight in a hot air balloon, drinks, meals and accommodation in a single room. Well, in three days you will certainly buy some souvenir as a keepsake, so having money will not hurt.