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Kizilagac tours & excursions


What we need to know : A luxurious village not far from Side, and around it there are very beautiful rocky mountains, with picturesque pine forests and valleys. Unusually beautiful panoramas of the cleanest sea and beaches, the good attitude of the local population and a calm lifestyle, allows you to spend an ideal vacation in peace and quiet with your family. Every year a very large number of tourists from many countries rest here, and every year Kyzylagach is gaining more and more popularity
Famous accommodation places : Silence Beach Resort 5*, Starlight Resort Hotel 5*, Sunrise Resort Hotel 5*, Club Hotel Turan Prince World 5*, Washington Resort & SPA 5*, Club Nena 5*, Lyra Resort & Spa 5*, Sea World Resort & Spa 5*
Famous place to swim : Kizilagac beach
Shopping malls : Novamall Manavgat AVM, Novoman, Farmers Center Kumkoy

Kizilagac tours and excursions - Kyzylagach is a small village located near the city of Side. Kyzylagach is distinguished by its unusually mysterious territory, which makes you feel like one of the oriental fairy tales. This place is ideal for a vacation with your family, as life here flows quite unhurriedly, without haste and with the awareness of the value of every day of life, enjoying everything. Kyzylagach differs from other villages in its luxury and complete silence. From this village, you can also join absolutely any excursion if you want to diversify your vacation a little and explore new places in Turkey.