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Yacht Charter in Side

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5 hours


Individual transfers from the hotel and to the hotel; Renting a yacht with a captain; soft drinks; Exclusive lunch from the chef




All beach accessories


Individual transfer by comfortable transport from the hotel
Sending from the port to the open sea on an elite yacht
Travelling along the coast and on the high seas
Stop for swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean
Delicious lunch prepared especially for you on a yacht in front of your eyes
Relax time to get sunbathing on a yacht
Return to port and return delivery to the hotel

Renting a yacht in Side will bring you a sea of ​​positive emotions at a very affordable price. Well, if you or your friends have any significant event that day, then surprise yourself and your friends. After all, many dream of spending a birthday on a yacht, but not everyone succeeds

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Content of the trip


Yachts in Turkey are a convenient and unforgettable movement by sea. For a reasonable price you will enjoy the sea views and have a great time. A warm sea wind will accompany you throughout the trip. Yachts in Turkey can be easily rented and enjoy the sea. On land or on shore you won’t feel the beauty of sea voyages. You can rent a yacht in Side for the whole day and the price for such a service will surprise you. For lovers of scenic landscapes, an excursion to the Green Canyon from Side is also to their liking.

  • Excursion Yacht Charter in Side includes a walk on a sea liner, transfer you from the hotel and back, as well as swimming in the warm sea. As a gift you will find a delicious lunch from the best chefs. On board the yacht, you can conveniently sit on a lounger and enjoy the warm sea air and the scenery around. Your weekend will be just unforgettable! Being on a yacht during sunset, you have a great opportunity to enjoy the surrounding nature. Excursion Yacht charter in Side is a unique gift during your vacation, you can enjoy this gift all day.
  • Yacht charter gives you the opportunity to see the most interesting places that you have only seen from afar. Together with the group you also will not see what your soul desires, but here is complete freedom. All problems remained on the shore, and you just have to plunge into the paradise of the Mediterranean Sea. You can also rent a yacht in Side as a large company. In Turkey, a large selection of sea transport, some can even accommodate up to thirty people.

Do not waste time, but it is better to book a yacht tour to the island of dolphins in Side. It is easy to do. Managers will contact you using Viber or Votsap. They are fluent in Russian and can easily reserve places for your company or family. The price for yacht rental in Side includes a transfer from the hotel and back, insurance, lunch, soft drinks. It is worth noting that you rent a yacht with the captain. If you want to drink alcoholic beverages, then on a yacht for an additional fee you can purchase them.

On a yacht tour in Side you will need a swimsuit or swimming trunks, a towel. It is also worth taking along sunglasses and sunblock.