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Hamam Side Turkey

Hamam Side Turkey is a popular rite of cleansing the body and soul for residents and guests of Turkey. For you, a visit to the hamam will be not only interesting, but also useful in all respects. You can relax there and relax, which in the future will allow you to enjoy other, more active leisure activities.

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Children (7 - 12 )


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Hamam Side Turkey What you have to know

Tour days

every day

Tour hours

09:00 - 18:00


Transfer by comfortable car, all procedures described in the program, water, tea


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Hamam Side Turkey Program

  • Transfer by comfortable transport from the hotel
  • The procedure begins with a visit to a dry sauna to soften the upper leather layer
  • Continued - menthol steam room to cleanse the respiratory system
  • The further procedure of the ritual is peeling of the whole body, cleansing the skin of dead cells
  • After complete cleansing of the skin from dead cells - foam massage with olive soap
  • The main procedure of the ritual - massage therapy with aromatic oils from the therapist 25 minutes
  • Mask with algae for better metabolism on the skin, rejuvenating the skin and relieving irritation
  • Relax in the relaxation room, where you will be treated with real Turkish tea
  • Return delivery to hotel

Why should you buy Hamam Side Turkey

Hamam Side - a few hours of complete relaxation will help you gain strength in the future and for active recreation. Hammam in Side is the best SPA center in Side from the tour organizer.

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Hamam Side Turkey Content of the trip

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Hamam Side Turkey help to you touching the culture and religious features of the country. In Turkey, they believe that purification should be not only outside but also inside. You seem to fall into an unforgettable rite of purification of the human soul. There you will spend time not only with pleasure, but also with benefit.

Turkish bath hamam experience in Side

  • Turkish bath hamam experience in Side starts from the sauna then you get into the steam room. It has a special stone - heated marble. The temperature there ranges from 40 to 60 degrees, which favorably affects the muscles and tones the skin. After the steam room, you head to the Turkish bath. There you can use various services, for example, ordering body peeling. This procedure is considered the main feature of purification. Your skin will be warmed up and cleaned with special mittens from silk, thus removing dead particles.
  • After peeling, you will be offered an inexpensive relaxing massage. To conduct a soap massage, employees use a pillow made of linen, squeezing foam onto the skin from it. You simply will not forget this massage, as you will get special sensations in the muscles.
  • After a soap massage, another stage of cleansing awaits you - toned and oil massage. Employees use rose and olive oil, which softens the skin and makes it soft.
  • A visit to Hamam in Side will leave an unforgettable experience, as if you were born again. In addition to the sauna and steam room there is a menthol and salt room, a pool with healing mud. A cleansing peeling and relaxing massage are performed for 20 minutes.

Hamam in Side

Hamam in Side is included in the price transfer from the hotel. You will be provided with a towel and drinks. Only additional services that you can use in the bathhouse are not included in the price. If desired, services can be used at any time, besides the prices are quite affordable. After a Turkish bath and skin cleansing before tanning, you can go on a sea voyage - Pirates boat in Side.

It is worth noting that for a Hamam tour in Side, you will need a swimsuit or swimming trunks, as well as comfortable flip flops. Take along funds to pay for additional services in the bathhouse itself. Every day, the bus leaves for Hamam every hour. So go ahead, for a good rest, an unforgettable relaxation and purification of the soul and body. Plus, you will have a new opportunity to touch the culture and religious characteristics of the country