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Side - attractions

Side Guide - Everything You Need to Know.

Side is one of the most popular tourist cities in Turkey, located on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. The nearest airport to this city is Antalya Airport, and the distance is 58 kilometers. The antiquity of Side and its location on the seashore attracts millions of tourists to this resort area every year. Both beach lovers and people looking for new adventures, tending to self-development and learning new interesting historical facts, give preference to rest here. Perhaps this is one of the most ancient and famous cities around the world in Turkey. An ideal tourism infrastructure has been created for guests of the city. Side has a large number of luxury hotels, which are scattered throughout the villages of the city. There are eight such villages where everyone can go on vacation. Each of them is unique in its own way and has both advantages and disadvantages. Due to the tourist orientation and mainly hotel complexes, the local population of the city itself is quite symbolic and amounts to a little more than 14 thousand people. The location in the southernmost part of Turkey is one of the city's advantages, allowing tourists from all over the world to flock here for almost 6-7 months every year. From April to the end of October, the sea is warm and the hotels are almost full. Side is the second longest beach tourist season after Alanya in all of Antalya. The beach here is sandy and pebble and the entrance to the sea is quite convenient. Even small children and elderly people will not experience difficulties when entering the sea and can spend an unforgettable vacation here. And the sights of Side will diversify the rest of each guest. Regardless of preferences and interests, everyone here will find something for themselves.

What sights of Side are worth visiting?

All the most important facts about this city and its attractions you can get in this section. The company My Side Tours will periodically provide you with interesting facts about Side, what are the pros and cons of rest in Side, where to go, what to see. In addition, our section Side attractions will periodically provide answers to all popular questions of interest to guests who wish to receive more important information about this mysterious corner of Turkey before arriving on vacation. You can also find out here: what excursions are worth visiting in Side or in other parts of Turkey from this small town, the weather in Side, ancient and historical places of the city, the nearest interesting places, not far from your resort village, what is the weather here throughout the season up-to-date by month and much more. If you want to be at ease from the first day of arrival here, then stay with us and follow our information blog.