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Titreyengol Lake

The decoration of the Titreyengol village is the lake of the same name, which abounds in a variety of rare birds. It is pleasant to walk here and relax from the summer heat in the shade of pines and palms

Titreyengol Lake

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Lake Titreyengol is a picturesque body of water surrounded by lush trees and flower beds. When planning to come here, take some bread with you. Here you can feed the ducks and admire other overseas birds, guessing their names. People come to this lake for beautiful sunsets and sunrises. During the day, they escape from the heat, and in the morning they watch the life of birds, breathing in the most delicious air.

The name Titreyengol translates as a trembling lake. There is a sad legend in which a kind old man saved the ducks at the cost of his own life. He tried to protect them from the hunters and was subsequently killed. And then, hundreds of birds rose above the water, driving away the intruders. The birds flapping their wings caused a strong wind that rippled across the lake. Now, of course, no one here is engaged in hunting, except for photography. Birds are respected here - they are at home. Come to Lake Titreyengol with your other half, the whole family or alone. It is nice to be alone with your thoughts and do yoga here.

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