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Kizilagac beach

The beach in Kizilagac is a clean oasis of quiet and measured relaxation on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. It is ideal for families with children to relax here

Kizilagac beach

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Kizilagac Beach is golden sand washed by clear water with an emerald hue. The small resort village is compactly spread along the coast for 3 km. But vacationers here note a lot of advantages, compared to major cities, resorts. It is very cozy and crystal clear here. The city is buried in greenery, fresh fruits and berries at every turn.

The eastern part of Kizilagac Beach is surrounded by mountains covered with pine trees. They add a piney aroma to the fresh sea breeze. Relaxing here is a real pleasure. The beach is wide and not crowded, as in the neighboring areas. There is everything here - rental points, gazebos, changing cabins, toilets, showers, sun loungers with umbrellas, playgrounds and sports grounds. Lifeguards are on duty on the shore. Bars and cafes are located close to the coastline.

Kizilagac beach is divided by hotels according to their territories. For guests, the inventory is free, everyone else will have to pay to use the sun lounger. But, you can always relax on your towel.

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