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Car rental in Manavgat

Car rental in Manavgat will be cheaper than in Side. Prices here start from $ 26 for an economy class model, such as Renault Clio. What you need for short trips in the surroundings and throughout Turkey

Car rental in Manavgat

The most popular type of car rental in Manavgat is the rental of budget models. Practical and thrifty travelers appreciate inexpensive but reasonably functional cars. In this segment, you can find a car with a large trunk, it will cost a couple of dollars more. If you need more comfort, then the prices do not bite there either, with the standard class the difference is $ 5-7.

Long-term car rental in Manavgat will not be much more profitable than periodic car rental. So, for example, with a weekly car rental, you can save $ 5-10. When renting a car, apart from payment for use, a deposit will be required from you. This is in case of any scratches or damage. But, you can do without it if you take out basic insurance directly at the rental point or through an online service

There are dozens of car rental organizations in Manavgat. Among them there are network or time-tested ones such as Hertz, Enterprise, Avis, Budget. They have good tech support and great service. But the cost can be higher than that of small firms. Most of these companies refuse to rent people with a short driving experience (less than 1-2 years) and under the age of 21 years. With private traders, everything is easier. Here they turn a blind eye to these circumstances and give out a car to everyone, if they have a license.

Pay attention to the mileage limit. They are installed by the companies themselves. This is something that can eat up your budget if you plan to travel long and hard. In this case, it is better to pay a little extra and take a car without restrictions.

If you have a lot of luggage, small children, or for some reason you are not mobile, then you can rent a car with delivery. The rented car will be brought to any place at your request.

But, no car can be compared to a Quad bike. Cross-country driving with amazing landscapes will bring great pleasure to you and your loved ones. It will not get stuck and will go where no car will pass. Book a Quad safari tour, and drive towards fun adventures.