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Sapadere waterfall

The Sapadere waterfall is located in the canyon of the same name and fascinates with its wild beauty. The best place to relax from the summer heat

Sapadere waterfall

Sapadere waterfall combines natural power, coolness and convenience of visiting. To get here, you do not need to overcome the thickets with a machete and have good physical fitness. There are convenient marked paths, benches, and recreation areas. A platform has been built on the way to the waterfall. There is a cafe nearby where you can have a snack and gain strength. The trail runs between the mountains and leads to the azure river, where it is replaced by various wooden bridges and decks.

The water in the river is so clean that you want to drink it. In several places the river forms lakes, to which slopes for swimming are equipped. Of course, swimming in such lakes cannot be compared with comfortable swimming in the sea, given the temperature of 12-14 degrees. Here the highlight is to take a break from the summer heat in a pleasant coolness. The most daring and desperate swim at the waterfall. After all, here you can not only plunge into a mountain lake, but also take an ice shower. If you do not plan to swim and rest for a long time, then such a walk will take no more than an hour. And if you have free time, we recommend enjoying nature. It is better not to rush here, listen to the sound of the water, birdsong, and admire the breathtaking views around. It's worth it.

The Sapadere waterfall is relatively small, but it looks impressive. See for yourself. The distance from Side to the Sapadere canyon is 105 meters. You can get here by car. And if you are not ready to get there on your own, then take the Sapadere Canyon tour from the Side. The excursion includes a transfer from the hotel, a guide, a visit to the gnome cave, an old village, fruit plantations and many other interesting things for little money.