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Kizilot beach

The cozy and calm Kizilot beach stretches as a narrow sandy strip 10 km long. Crystal-clear water beckons to swim in it

Kizilot beach

Side Tours

Kizilot beach is equipped with umbrellas and sun loungers, changing cabins and toilets. There are cafes and rental offices. Here you can have a delicious lunch of traditional but inexpensive Turkish cuisine. From entertainment - riding scooters and bananas, parasailing, yachts and boats with a glass bottom. Not bad for a small village. It is interesting that even in the high season there are not many people here, and in autumn and spring Kizilot beach is empty.

Why, then, is it not popular? The fact is that this beach is not protected from the winds by rocks and mountains. There are often strong waves here. This will appeal to surfers, but not suitable for families with small children. Kizilot beach will be appreciated by supporters of peace and solitude. Here you can always find a quiet secluded place to relax. It is better to rest here from May to September. The water during this period is warm, there are many sunny days and there are practically no strong winds.

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