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Holidays in Evrenseki

Evrenseki is a small area 12 km from Side, suitable for those who like a quiet holiday. The compact village with a 2 km wide beach attracts with its picturesque views and cleanliness

Holidays in Evrenseki

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Holidays in Evrenseki are in harmony and unity with nature. The stunning landscape, a huge strip of fine sand, and smooth entry into the water make Evrenseki an ideal place for a beach holiday, including with children. Surprisingly, the village is only 10-15 minutes away from the noisy Side by car. There is no fuss and confusion here. Even in the highest season, you can find a place to stay in complete silence.

The coastline of Evrenseki is surrounded by dozens of lush palms, pine trees and exotic flowers. The wide beach allows you to place children's and sports grounds on its territory so as not to interfere with vacationers from sunbathing.

Of the sights in Evrenseki there is a swimming pool with beautiful fountains, a village mosque, a large sculptural composition “Camel Caravan”, a river with a pedestrian bridge. Here you can just walk around a small town, rent electric cars, bicycles, scooters or roller skates. Despite the fact that Evrenseki is a large village, there are chain grocery stores Migros, Carrefour, Bim, etc .; pharmacies, cafes, bars and restaurants. Shopping enthusiasts will appreciate the many shops, a market and a two-story mall.

Holidays in Evrenseki are a combination of comfort and minimalism, beach holidays and shopping, privacy and proximity to a large resort center. The hospitable village warmly welcomes guests and gives the best that it has. Your vacation can be even brighter and bigger with excursions from Evrenseki. These are selected routes in the vicinity of the city and throughout the country. Choose and book your trip.