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Manavgat waterfall from Side

Every year, thousands of tourists take an inexpensive tour of the Manavgat waterfall from Side to admire the mountain streams. In addition to the picturesque natural paintings that can be seen directly from the yacht, you will visit truly fabulous places to enjoy all the delights of the amazing Side

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Manavgat waterfall from Side What you have to know

Tour days

Monday, Thursday

Tour hours

09:00 — 16:00


Transfer, insurance, lunch, Drinks, (entrance to Manavgat Falls)


Personel expenses


Bathing accessories and towel

Manavgat waterfall from Side Program

  • Transfer by comfortable transport from the hotel
  • Arrival at the port of Manavgata
  • Departure from the port on a yacht
  • Journey on the river, duration of an hour and a half
  • Stop at the unique delta site in Manavgat
  • Swimming on sea and river water at the same time
  • Lunch break on the delta
  • Departure and return to the port of the Manavgat River
  • Free time at Manavgat Falls and a visit to the local market
  • Return transfer to the hotel

Why should you buy Manavgat waterfall from Side

Tour to Manavgat waterfall from Side is a unique opportunity to get the most vivid impressions during your holiday in Turkey.

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Manavgat waterfall from Side Content of the trip

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This waterfall is not without reason considered a national treasure of Turkey. At one time, he was depicted on the five lire banknote, which was in circulation until 1983. This is one of the main natural attractions in the country. By purchasing a tour to Manavgat Falls from Side, you can appreciate only a small fraction of the natural treasures of the Middle East.

  • The yacht will sail closer to the location of the farm where pelicans, river turtles and trout are raised. Just imagine that you can swim in the delta where the river flows into the sea, at the same time plunge into fresh and salt water! For lunch, guests can taste trout prepared according to a special recipe for trout, or, if they wish, personally appreciate the exquisite taste of meat carefully grilled.
  • The English speaking guide who accompanies the tour will invite you to walk to the river. Thus, you will temporarily change the sea vacation for a walk along the shady shores, enjoy new experiences, pamper yourself with an affordable menu in a fish restaurant or cafe under shady trees.
  • The 93 km long river flows through the Bosphorus Strait and flows into the Mediterranean Sea. It is fed by a large amount of groundwater. The river is home to many species of fish: trout, carp, mullet, sea bass. Birds rest on its waves: duck, goose, kingfisher, herons of various species, gulls. The banks are hidden by green foliage of trees and shrubs. Here you can see willow, poplar, mulberry and a rich variety of plants.
  • In the interests of the tourism industry, local authorities have taken care of the convenience of visitors to the national park. This is not a creation of nature, but the result of human activity. The hydraulic structure was needed in the construction of a reservoir located downstream of the river. An artificial dam, about 40 meters wide, was created, where the river waters form a two-meter cascade.

The tour to the Manavgat waterfall from Side includes a visit to the local bazaar, which traditionally attracts many tourists from all surrounding cities with the opportunity to bargain. Here you can buy real olive oil quite cheaply, buy local sweets, fruits, pomegranate sauce, textiles and souvenirs at a reasonable price. Using the camera, you can only here collect a whole kaleidoscope of unique views that will remind you of the natural contrasts of beautiful Turkey. In Side, our company also invites you to familiarize yourself with the program Manavgat yacht tour from Side all inclusive.