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Manavgat boat tour from Side (all inclusive)

Going to Manavgat boat tour from Side, you will visit a lot of interesting places in one day. Enjoy the sea voyage, as well as be able to admire the beauty of the coastlines, get acquainted with the breeding of trout, swim in the mouth of the River Manavgat.

Manavgat boat tour from Side (all inclusive) Excursion price



Children (5 - 11 )


Infants (0 - 4)


Yacht Tour,River Boat Tour

Manavgat boat tour from Side (all inclusive) What you have to know

Tour days

Monday, Thursday

Tour hours

09:00 — 16:00


Hotel transfer, insurance, lunch on the yacht, soft drinks and ticket to manavgat waterfall


Personal expenses


Bathing accessories and towel

Manavgat boat tour from Side (all inclusive) Program

  • Transfer by comfortable transport from the hotel
  • Arrival at the port of Manavgata
  • Departure from the port on a yacht
  • Journey on the river, duration of an hour and a half
  • Stop at the unique delta site in Manavgat
  • Swimming on sea and river water at the same time
  • Lunch break on the delta
  • Departure and return to the port of the Manavgat River
  • Free time at Manavgat Falls and a visit to the local market
  • Return transfer to the hotel

Why should you buy Manavgat boat tour from Side (all inclusive)

Manavgat boat tour from Side (all inclusive) its real voyage, recreation in the river zone, as well as pleasant shopping at the local bazaar are possible

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Manavgat boat tour from Side (all inclusive) Content of the trip

Manavgat boat tour from Side (all inclusive) gif

Manavgat boat tour from Side - While vacationing in Turkey, one should not neglect sightseeing trips. Organizational rest has its advantages. The program is immediately negotiated, the time of stay is calculated, the costs are planned. Manavgat yacht tour from Side (all incl.) Will fill your day with pleasant content, relieving all worries for a short time.

If your hotel is located at a considerable distance from the port, a bus will come for you and pick you up at a predetermined time. Several yachts froze on the river pier, waiting for their passengers. A English-speaking guide will help you determine the only one that is waiting for your group. And then, after landing, you can relax and plunge into all the delights of a sea trip, which will take about 1.5 hours.

It is very interesting to observe the way of raising trout, turtles and pelicans in natural conditions. Similar specialized farms are located at the mouth of the river. The soft water creates ideal conditions for trout breeding. And the proximity of tourist resorts and many restaurants creates an excellent market for the freshest fish.

Manavgat yacht tour from Side (all incl.) is a trip filled with carefree relaxation. If the weather permits, the yacht must stop in order for the passengers to swim. To be in the sea and in the river at the same time and not scoop up water with your hands? How can you refuse such a temptation! Cold fresh waters of the river and warm sea waves create a contrast effect that has a tonic and rejuvenating effect on the body.

After the participants of the excursion have dried up after swimming and suddenly found that they are hungry, at this moment, you will be offered to taste the "same" trout or, at your choice, grilled chicken. Famous dishes have a special, incomparable taste.

After returning to the pier, sightseers are given free 2 hours to visit the local market. What is a Turkish Bazaar? This is a souvenir trade, as well as sales of fruits, vegetables and spices. It is these products that are distinguished here by affordable prices. At the final stage, you can take pleasure in sitting on the river bank and admiring Manavgat waterfall . You get great photos. The view is really beautiful. The water falling noisily to a depth of two meters leaves behind a whole cascade of small sprays that act as a refreshing shower for an inquisitive tourist.

Returning to the hotel, you will realize that you are tired. But this day will surely give you vivid sensations from what you have seen and wonderful impressions from new acquaintances.