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Antalya from Side

Sıde Antalya, the tour program Review Tour to Antalya from Side will be interesting to any participant regardless of age. The noise of the descending river at the Lower Duden Falls and the gusts of wind on the slopes of Mount Tunektee have accompanied brave travelers for centuries.

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Tour days

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

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09:00 — 17:00


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Antalya from Side Program

  • Transfer by comfortable transport from the hotel
  • Arrival at the best and largest waterfall in Antalya - Duden
  • Visiting a cable car in Antalya
  • Climbing to the top of Tunektepa and information about Antalya on a panoramic platform
  • A guided tour of Ichkala and information about the history of these places
  • Walk through the city port and to Adrian (gate)
  • A tour of minarets in Antalya
  • The ancient city of Antalya
  • Return delivery to the hotel

Why should you buy Antalya from Side

Antalya city tour from Side will take you to the medieval world of the old city, surrounded by mountain ranges and fast rivers.

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Antalya from Side Content of the trip

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Antalya city tour - When starting this excursion from Side, you should be well prepared for the sightseeing tour . First of all, you should think about safety and protect yourself from the rays of the scorching sun. Cotton or linen clothing will maintain proper heat transfer. Comfortable shoes will relieve you from fatigue when walking. The sightseeing trip includes visiting many of the most beautiful places in the vicinity of Antalya, the first of which will be the Lower Duden waterfall.

  • The Duden River traditionally attracts tourists from all over the world. A short trip along its shores turns into an exciting adventure. A stunning sight catches the eye to the calm surface of the water, which literally in a few seconds rushes down in a frenzied stream. In the cascades falling to a depth of 50 meters, the power of nature beyond the control of man is guessed. Just one look at the currents swirling below causes a slight dizziness and the realization of your unexpected involvement in the world around you.
  • This feeling only intensifies while traveling by cable car in the direction of Mount Tunektepe - the next point of the sightseeing tour to Antalya from Side. In just 9 minutes 20 seconds, you literally take off up to 1700 meters and are transported to the height of a bird's flight. A spinning restaurant looks like an unusual structure at the top - a unique architectural solution of the Turkish tourism industry. Rest here allows you to admire the entire panorama of the surrounding places at 360 degrees, without getting up from the table. Being on the steep serpentines of the mountain, you can admire the beauty of Antalya for a long time, the surroundings of which extend right up to the coast. If you do not belong to thrill-seekers and prefer a calm measured trip, then you should pay attention to the trip to Mount Tünektepe on a sea yacht. The vast azure expanses amaze with their splendor, which can be felt only during a small sea tour, which takes a little more than an hour. The yacht has a small buffet serving drinks and food at affordable prices.
  • The final stage of the program of the sightseeing tour to Antalya from Side is a journey through the old city. The charm of its historical part arises from the natural combination of monuments from the period of ancient Roman civilization with oriental architecture. Narrow streets, wooden houses, old mosques and shops create a unique atmosphere of this place. Getting to know Antalya will leave a lasting impression and truly embellish your holiday in Turkey.