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Alanya from Side

Alanya from Side this tour is a unique chance to get to know the history and nature of Turkey better. The excursion Alanya from Side includes a visit to the fortress, a yacht trip, acquaintance with the pirate caves, the city center, dimchay, and even Cleopatra beach from Side.

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Children (7 - 12 )


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Alanya from Side What you have to know

Tour days

Wednesday, Friday , Sunday

Tour hours

08:30 — 18:00


Transfer, insurance, lunch, yacht tour, guide services


all kinds of drinks, a pass ticket to damlatash cave



Alanya from Side Program

  • Transfer by comfortable transport from the hotel
  • Arrival in Alanya and sending to the port of the city
  • Sea walk on a yacht in Alanya
  • Visiting the Caves: Pirate Cave; Cave of the Lovers; Phosphorous cave
  • Stop for swimming on the best beaches of Alanya and Cleopatra beach
  • Return to port
  • A tour with a Russian guide to the fortress of Alania
  • Information about the Red Tower from the guide
  • Visit to the observation deck of Love Alanya
  • The highlight of Alanya-Dim tea: a cool river and lunch at restaurants in the water.
  • Visit to the stalactite cave in the city - Damlatash
  • Time in the city for free time two hours
  • Fruk plantations in Alanya
  • Return transfer to the hotel

Why should you buy Alanya from Side

We offer you a tour Alanya from Side. You will get to know the history of this amazing country. You will find pirate caves, a walk on a yacht, The beach cleopatra and more.

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Alanya from Side Content of the trip

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Alanya city tour from Sıde - Alanya is famous for the fact that there are pirate caves, in which pirates used to hold slaves and looted jewelry. The alanya tour from Side is a unique opportunity to learn more about its history and to admire the stunning nature in the area. Fortress with a rich ancient history survived the wars and now became a tourist attraction of Alanya. And you can try the sweetest bananas that grow in this area.

Features of the program Alania from Side:

  • The tour begins with being brought to the port, from where you will be poisoned in an hour-long walk on a yacht. During this time you will have time to see three caves, because all the caves are located by the sea - so pirates were easier to hide from enemies and hide loot. The caves of Ashyklar, Konsanlar and Kizil Kule will appear before you in all its glory.
  • Next, you will be taken to the observation deck near the fortress of Alanya, which offers stunning views of the local nature. The main part of the structures of the fortress was built in the 13th century. The fortress itself is semi-built on a hill (250 meters), and on three sides it is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Very good location, the enemies almost impossible to capture this fortress. Inside you can see the remains of ancient buildings, as well as the Byzantine fortress IV-V Art. AD
  • After such a busy excursion, Alania from Side is the time to eat, so you will definitely be offered lunch at dimchai restaurant, where you can order Turkish and European dishes. After that, you can swim in the sea, and then you will be taken to the central part of the city, where for two hours you can get to know the city closer.
  • Then those who want to touch the history again will be invited to visit the cave Damlatash. This name is translated from the Turkish "Stalactite." There you will see stalactites and stalagmites of different shapes and colors. The built-in illumination makes the cave extraordinarily beautiful and fantastic. The air in the cave is saturated with carbon dioxide, and the temperature in the cave is constantly from 22 to 24 degrees. A special microclimate in the cave helps the human body to fight lung disease. The Turks also call this cave "Wet Stones." And you can visit banana plantations, which are located only in Turkey due to the peculiarities of the climate. You can buy bananas at all costs and enjoy them.

If you want to visit Alanya from Side on your own without a guide, we offer you a transfer at an attractive price. Children under the age of 6 travel with their parents for free. Turkey offers many excursions, and each is interesting and full of pleasant surprises. Don't miss the opportunity to get to know this amazing country, and it will reveal all its secrets to you!