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Demre Myra Kekova from Side

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Children (7 - 12 )


Infants (0 - 6)


Demre,Saint Nicholas,Sacred Sites,Kekova Underwater City,Amphitheater,Saint Nicholas Church

What you have to know

Tour days

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Tour hours

06:00 — 19:30


bus transfer, guide services, restaurant lunch, yacht tour. pass ticket to St. Nicholas Church and a ticket to the city of Myra


all kind of drinks


lunch from the hotel, water, comfortable shoes, sunglasses


Transfer by comfortable transport from the hotel
Breakfast break, with your lunch box
Arrival in the ancient city of Mira and a guided tour
The next stop point is the old amphitheatre in Demra
Free time in st. Nicholas Church, house museum
Stop at the Iconic Shop in Demra
Lunch break in the restaurant
Stop in Onyx
Yacht tour of the sunken city of Kekova
Return transfer to the hotel

By ordering an excursion to the homeland of St. Nicholas from Side, you will get a chance to get acquainted with the ancient city of Demre, the underwater city of Kekova and no less interesting ancient city. You will see many ancient monuments, the sunken city right on the ship - there is a special window at the bottom.

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Content of the trip


The tour to Demre Mira-Kekova from Sid is an unforgettable trip to historical places where you will see a lot of interesting things. From Side to Demre is not far away, but it's worth it to get an unforgettable holiday experience in Turkey.

Despite the fact that the program of excursion sledding in Demre Mira-Kekova from Side is the most saturated, as you are given the opportunity to see several attractions, the cost of the tour is profitable. If you like historical tours, you can also pay attention to the Cappadocia tour from Side.

  • You will find an unforgettable walk on a yacht on a yacht to the ancient city of Kekova, which went to the bottom a few hundred years ago and a pilgrimage to the area in which once lived Nicholas the Wonderworker. You will also find an interesting trip to the ancient city of the World, where you can see many surviving ruins of antiquity.
  • The ancient city of Derme is considered to be the most famous among tourists. St. Nicholas lived there. The church, which was destroyed by a natural disaster, is named after him. The church has been restored, and now tourists can see it in Demra. In this place is the house and sarcophagus where St. Nikolay.
  • The ancient city of Mira is famous for its tombs. Here are the largest Lycian burials in the whole country. For wealthy citizens of the ancient world, the tombs were carved into the rocks. It used to be that whoever was buried in the rock, that soul will fly to heaven. Other Roman buildings have also been preserved.
  • The next historical attraction of the Demre-Mira-Kekov tour is the shore of Kekov in the Mediterranean. Here are the ruins of the settlement of antiquity. Back in the second century BC everything was destroyed by an earthquake, buildings and most of the houses were flooded. Today, the shore of Kekov is a historically significant place with many ancient artifacts.
  • A walk on a yacht gives you the opportunity to touch this historic place, see various objects of marble, city ruins, and Lycian tombs carved into the mountains. You can look at the sunken city right on the ship - there is a window right at the bottom of the ship.

The price of the tour Demre-Mira-Kekova from Side includes: transfer from the hotel and back, insurance, services guide, speaking Russian language, tickets to enter, delicious lunch. Drinks can be purchased for an additional fee.