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Israel tour from Side

This is a unique opportunity to visit the holy places of Jerusalem while on holiday in Turkey. You will be taken there by plane, and early in the morning at Ben Gurion airport you will be met by a guide. The program Israel tour from Side includes a visit to Bethlehem, a walk around Jerusalem, swimming in the Dead Sea.

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Israel tour from Side Program

  • Transfer from the hotel on comfortable buses
  • We're going to the airport.
  • Flight from Antalya to Ben Gurion Airport in Israel
  • Land at the airport and meet with a guide
  • Going to Jerusalem
  • First point - a tour of Bethlehem
  • A tour of the birthplace of Christ
  • Visiting a Christian village
  • Excursion to the Temple of Christmas
  • Walking tour in Jerusalem
  • Lunch break
  • Sunday Temple Tour
  • Hefsiman Garden Tour
  • Calvary and the Way of the Cross Tour
  • Hike on the wall of crying
  • Visit to the Stone of The Anoiny
  • Panoramic playground in Mount Epison and Temple
  • The opportunity to swim on the Dead Sea
  • Dinner break
  • Departure from Israel to Antalya and departure to the hotel

Why should you buy Israel tour from Side

Excursion to Israel from Side allows you to inexpensively visit the shrines of Jerusalem during your holidays in Turkey and. A large number of tourists and pilgrims arrive at these holy places every year.

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Israel tour from Side Content of the trip

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Excursion to Israel from Side is a unique opportunity to combine rest in Turkey and touch the holy places of Jerusalem. You will be taken from Side to Israel by plane, so arrive at your destination with a breeze. The tour starts early in the morning and ends late in the evening. Therefore, it is worth bringing enough water with you. You will also need a passport. Better to wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Do not forget that you will be visiting temples, so clothes should be as closed as possible, and women should take a headdress. Participants of the excursion will depart early in the morning from Antalya and arrive at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel. There they are met by a guide who will accompany them throughout the day. From the airport, the group is sent to the sacred ancient city of Jerusalem. From our company you can also go to Istanbul from Side.

  • The excursion program to Israel from Side includes the following:
  • First, the tour participants are sent to Bethlehem. According to biblical legends, it was there that Jesus Christ was born. Then the group members will have lunch. Those interested can visit the Christian center, as well as buy various souvenirs. After the tour participants will be shown the Temple of the Nativity, which is the very first in the world.
  • The next stage of the excursion program is a walking tour of ancient Jerusalem. There you can visit the Church of Christ's Resurrection, Calvary and even walk along the Way of the Cross. Tour participants can see the Stone of Confirmation - the place of the resurrection of Christ, according to the legend. During the tour, you will see an unforgettable panorama of the Temple and Mount Aepi. You will also have the opportunity to visit the famous Western Wall and visit the Garden of Gethsemane.
  • In the late afternoon, the group will be sent to the Dead Sea, where they can swim in a special beach. After they will have dinner at the Qumran restaurant. Anyone can buy goods with Dead Sea minerals in the shops.
  • After seven in the evening, the tour participants are sent to the airport. By plane, they go back to Antalya. Arriving back, tourists are taken to the hotel.

The cost of an excursion to Israel from Side includes: transfer from the hotel and back, insurance, plane tickets there and back, the services of a English-speaking guide, tickets for visiting locations from the program, lunch and dinner. The additional service includes a visa if there is a visa regime between Israel and your state. Souvenirs, drinks are not included in the price of the excursion, they can be purchased on request.