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Istanbul from Side

While in Turkey, you should definitely buy a tour and you can visit the capital of the Ottoman Empire by buying a tour to Istanbul from Side. You will see a real oriental fairy tale - museums, temples, historical sites and famous noisy bazaars. Don't miss this opportunity!

Istanbul from Side Excursion price



Children (3 - 12 )


Blue Mosque,Topkapi,Egyptian Bazaar

Istanbul from Side What you have to know

Tour days

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transfer, flight, insurance, yacht ingesare, licensed guide (speaks Russian), tickets to enter St. Sophia's Cathedral


all kinds of drinks, ticket to Topkapi


Drinking water, passport, money for personal expenses

Istanbul from Side Program

  • Transfer from the hotel on comfortable buses
  • We're going to the airport.
  • Departure from Antalya to Istanbul Airport
  • Land at the airport and meet with a guide
  • Tour of topkapa Palace
  • A tour of the Ayia Sofia Museum
  • Lunch break
  • Walking the Hippodrome
  • Visit to the Blue Mosque
  • Tour on a yacht in the Bosphorus Bay
  • Dinner in Istanbul
  • Fly to Antalya from Istanbul
  • Arrival in Antalya and departure to the hotel

Why should you buy Istanbul from Side

A tour to Istanbul from Side is notable for the fact that you will visit the heart of the history of the Roman Empire and Byzantium, visit temples, museums, famous bazaars (for example, the Spice Bazaar)

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Istanbul from Side Content of the trip

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A tour to Istanbul from Side is an excellent prospect to visit the fabulous city and get an unforgettable experience from visiting museums and local bazaars and temples. There are many kilometers from Side to Istanbul, so the trip starts early in the morning. Departure will be from Antalya airport.

  • Upon arrival, you will visit Topkapi Palace, also called the "Cannon Gate". It used to be the residence of the real Turkish sultans. Those who wish for a small fee will visit the harem.
  • After the tour participants are sent to the Hagia Sophia Museum (Hagia Sophia). This building was built back in 537, so it is a famous monument of Byzantine construction. It is worth noting that for a thousand years the cathedral has remained the largest Christian temple. You can fully appreciate the beauty of the cathedral only by looking at it yourself.
  • After the excursion, a delicious lunch awaits. Then visit to the Hippodrome square, which is located in the old part of the city. Tour participants will see Byzantine obelisks and columns. From here, go to the Blue Mosque. It is painted with blue and white paint. Extraordinary patterns shimmer from the light falling from more than two hundred and fifty windows, so the mosque really looks blue
  • After excursion to the Spice Bazaar. In another way, this bazaar is called the Egyptian market. If you speak Turkish, you can safely bargain and buy sweets, jewelry, spices at low prices. Then the participants of the tour will have a delightful trip on a yacht along the Bosphorus. Then a great dinner before leaving the city by plane. In addition to the excursion to Istanbul from Side, you can also get to Jerusalem, on our excursion Israel from Side .

The price of the excursion includes: transfer from the hotel and back, flight, insurance, services of a English-speaking guide, tickets to Hagia Sophia, the hall of the Topkapi Palace.

For an additional fee, you can purchase - tickets to the Harem in Dv. Topkapi and drinks.