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Antalya Aquarium from Side

The Antalya Aquarium from Side is an acquaintance with the mysterious inhabitants of the underwater world will leave an indelible impression. You will enjoy the ice exhibits of the "Snow World" and then embark on a fascinating journey through Kaleichi, the oldest part of the city of ancient Antalya.

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Children (3 - 8 )


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Antalya Aquarium from Side What you have to know

Tour days

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Tour hours

08:30 — 17:00


transfer from the hotel, insurance, pass ticket to the aquarium


visiting the "snow" room and terrarium, cinema XD, all kinds of drinks, food



Antalya Aquarium from Side Program

  • Transfer by comfortable transport from the hotel
  • Arrival at the Antalya Oceanarium
  • Free time in the Aquarium 3 hours
  • Next point: Antique City in Antalya
  • A tour of the old town in Antalya 3 hours
  • Return transfer to the hotel

Why should you buy Antalya Aquarium from Side

Heading to the Antalya Aquarium from Side, you will visit one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey, where you can enjoy the closeness of communication with the inhabitants of the deep sea.

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Antalya Aquarium from Side Content of the trip

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Antalya Aquarium from Side - Antalya is a city that leaves no one indifferent. He was equally admired by ancient authors of antiquities and later travelers who visited the Ottoman Empire. "Father of the Turks", so respectfully called the first president of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, spoke of Antalya with admiration and pride. It is a metropolis with a population of over a million and at the same time the most popular tourist resort with beautiful beaches and luxury hotels. The charming historic district is tucked away in the city center, and the collections at the local archaeological museum are some of the most interesting finds in all of Turkey. What will Antalya be for you? By purchasing an inexpensive sightseeing tour of Antalya , you will certainly find out if this is really “the most beautiful place on earth”.

The heart of Antalya is not without reason called the modern Oceanarium - an aquarium complex. Arriving at the Anatolian Oceanarium from Side, you will be taken to the world's largest tunnel aquarium. Its length is 131 meters, width - 3.5 meters. The entire structure is compactly housed in the main seawater tank with a capacity of 5,000 tons. Having visited it, you get a unique chance to explore the amazing underwater world, closely observing the behavior of more than a thousand marine and oceanic species of fish and animal organisms. A huge number of them surrounds visitors from all sides and it seems that it is a person who is an exhibit here. Sharks and huge stingrays are placed in a special vessel and they look quite harmless. A single water ensemble unites 40 smaller reservoirs, each of which is unique and inimitable in its own way.

  • Heading to the aquarium from Side, you must visit the "World of Snow". This is an unusual pavilion with an area of ​​1,500 square meters. is a popular platform for organizing interesting games and fun. There are igloos, ice sculptures and structures made of real snow. Relaxing in the Santa Claus cafe complements the winter pre-Christmas mood. In Antalya, where the thermometer is always close to 40, the internal temperature of the Snow World is -5.
  • The feeling of winter quickly passes as soon as you find yourself in the terrarium. This is a real wild park in which the atmosphere of the tropics is created. Caves, deserts and rainforest make you forget about reality. Sound effects finally convince you that you are in the world of the jungle. The sounds of tropical rain and rolling stones overlap with the cries of monkeys, bird voices and the rustle of the wind.

Having visited the Oceanarium from Side with a sightseeing tour of Antalya, there is enough time to wander around the old city. The historical part of Antalya is famous for its numerous palaces from the Ottoman period. Over the centuries, medieval cultural monuments have acquired an oriental flavor. Their splendor strikes the imagination and remains forever in the memory.