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Pamukkale from Side

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Travertines,Cleopatra's Pool,antian Hieropolis,Necropolis,The Eighth Wonder of the World in Turkey

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

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06:00 - 22:30


hotel transfers, insurance, ticket passes, guide services, lunch and dinner at the restaurant


all kinds of drinks and a cleopatra pool


dry food from the hotel, drinking water, bathing supplies


Transfer by comfortable transport from the hotel
Stop at the Breakfast Restaurant: Your Lunch Box
Visiting Onyx
Lunch break at the restaurant
Next point: the ancient cities of Hieropolis and the Necropolis
Guided tour and information in ancient cities
Visit to the ancient amphitheatre
Distribution of tickets and free time on travertine terraces in Pamukkale
In the future, a visit to the ancient church of St. Philip
Departure to Cleopatra Pool near Pamukkale
Karahait's Red Pool
Turkey's most famous winery and free wine tasting
Dinner break
Return transfer to the hotel

Excursion from Side to the eighth wonder of the world, will not leave indifferent real connoisseurs of the unique heritage of the ancient world. The magical properties of hot springs, which Cleopatra herself has never neglected, will fill you with vitality.

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A cheap excursion to Pamukkala from Side will impress the true connoisseurs of the unique heritage of the ancient world. The magical properties of hot springs, which Cleopatra herself has never neglected, will fill you with vitality. A rich trip with a Russian-speaking guide is a special opportunity to move for one day to the world of the past. You can also combine this tour with Lake Salda from Side. Details on the site

It is said that the one who was not here, as if did not see Turkey. Once Cleopatra herself came here to take wellness baths, using the healing properties of thermal springs. While in Turkey, do not neglect the trip to Pamukkale from Side for 1 day and see firsthand that the local waters really treat heart disease, obesity, asthma and rheumatism, some skin diseases, as well as stomach ulcers. Hot springs of thermal water form white limestone terraces located on the slopes of the hills of Pamukkale. You will be able to learn about the healing properties of water while walking through the limestone cascades.

  • On the territory of the health resort of the ancient city of Hierapolis miraculously preserved ancient monuments of ancient civilization. All of the city's buildings are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The huge amphitheatre once housed 25,000 people, who already in those days enjoyed a magnificent view of the terraces of white limestone. Familiarity with Pamukkale begins with the territory of the lower city, from where visitors leisurely climb to the very top of the cliff right through the limestone terraces. Following the route leading along the cliff, it is possible to see the ruins of the Byzantine church, near which the museum is located. Its exhibition contains a rich collection of utensils and other household items found during archaeological works.
  • In the immediate vicinity of the museum is the Cleopatra Pool, created on the site of the former ancient holy fountain. In its crystal clear water are sunken ancient columns, which are an additional attraction of this unusual place. Hot springs with rejuvenating and healing properties are available for the tour group making this trip. The water temperature in them does not exceed 37 C.
  • To the right of the sacred fountain is a trail leading directly to the ruins of the Temple of Apollo and the ancient amphitheater, which is one of the most important monuments of Hierapolis. Following in the north-east direction, visitors get to the martyrium of St. Philippe, a symbolic tomb that has been a popular pilgrimage site since the Byzantine period. The tomb looks very modest, but the man standing on the bridge has a fantastic view of the city, surrounded by cotton fields, over which the immaculate hills of white limestone, enriched with white terraces in shape, rise proudly shells of oysters and their flowing turquoise water, rich in mineral elements.

A one-day, experience-filled trip to Pamukkala from Side won't be exhausting. The tour is conducted by a Russian-speaking guide. The program provides a short rest, accompanied by lunch and dinner. The available price includes insurance, as well as payment for transfers from the hotel and back.