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Altinbesik cave how to get from Side

How to get from Side to Altinbesik cave on your own and what is it like? Why do travelers come here and what can you see here?

Altinbesik cave how to get from Side

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Altinbesik Cave, one of the most striking and stunning structures of nature, was opened in 1966. The cave, with an area of ​​about 2 km, includes three levels and one entrance through an unusual grotto, into which you can swim by boat. When you find yourself inside, you never cease to be amazed at how clean and clear the water of its underground lakes, rivers and waterfalls is. This water can be drunk. Lighting is connected there, so all its corners are clearly visible without a flashlight. The walls are decorated with bizarre stalactites. There are not many people there at the same time, sometimes it turns out that there are no tourists at all. Almost all of our guests talked about how complete unity with nature is felt there.

There are three options for getting to Altinbesik cave from Side. First, you can use public transport. But, you will not reach the cave directly. The bus stops in the villages of Orman and Urunlu. The distance of 5 km from the villages will have to be covered on foot or you will have to negotiate with the locals for a ride. Secondly, you can take a taxi or rent a car. But this option makes sense if there are a lot of you, because for one or two people such a trip will be expensive in terms of money.

The most budgetary and convenient way to get from Side to Altinbesik cave is to book an excursion. We offer to combine business with pleasure during the trip Altinbesik Cave and a forest tour from Side. Here you will not only see the beauty of the cave, but also walk along the Green Canyon, visit the laurel plantations, visit the historic mosque and see Turkey from the inside in the form of ordinary villagers. It will be very informative and interesting!