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Attractions Manavgat

Almost all sights of Manavgat are somehow connected with nature and shopping. Here you will learn about the most interesting objects of the resort

Attractions Manavgat

Side Tours

The sights of Manavgat, unlike Side, are not full of historical buildings and antique ruins. People come here to relax in the shade of trees, sit on the banks of the river, see a waterfall and go shopping. The river of the same name flows through the center of the city, along the banks of which trees and flower beds are planted, and many gazebos and benches are built between them. During the season, yachts cruise along its turquoise waters.

On the main street with the bright name Anatalia, which stretches for 3 km along the river, there are banks, restaurants, numerous shops, including branded ones. Every Monday, a market is open in Manavgat, where fresh fruits and vegetables, oriental sweets and spices, souvenirs, good knitwear, cotton and leather goods are sold. Here you can bargain and buy profitably. The main natural attraction of Manavgat is the waterfall. You can get to it by city minibus Dolmus with a Selale sign on the windshield. The waterfall is a powerful stream that carries its waters from the Taurus mountains to the sea. The width of the waterfall reaches 40 meters, although it is no more than 2 meters long. There are fish restaurants and souvenir shops here.

On the river you can take a trip to the sea by canoe or boat. During the rafting, you will see dozens of picturesque grottos and caves, including the Altinbesik cave. Fans of water sports will love Wakeboard Park - a complex of three lakes, which hosts classes for athletes and amateurs. The sights of Manavgat include two canyons: green, located 22 km from the city and Koprulu 42 km to the north. All the most interesting places can be seen on excursions to Manavgat. Such tours save not only time on vacation, but also often money.