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Side Scooter rental

The most useful information for Turkish guests before renting a moped in Side. Cost, details, what to look for and what conditions.

Side Scooter rental

Side Tours

Side is one of the most modern tourist cities in Turkey, where millions of tourists come to rest every summer season. Side differs from other regions of Antalya with its diversity and very convenient location. Most of the people choosing this region prefer to spend their time actively. Excursions are very popular in Side, and in the city itself there are also many beautiful and ancient places worth visiting and seeing. In addition to excursions, the demand for transport rental is also quite high here. Mostly economical and convenient for movement are scooter motorcycles in Side.

Side scooter rental - price

The cost of renting a motorcycle in Side varies depending on several conditions, one of which is the power of the scooter. That is, this is how many cubes the motor and also the brand under which the motorcycle is released. As an example, we can say that motorcycles of such famous companies as Suzuki or Yamaha can cost more than the same motorcycles assembled by Chinese and less well-known factories. There are practically no strong fluctuations in the price of a certain unit chosen by you in different companies for renting a moped. If only the high season, then, depending on the demand, all companies slightly overestimate the cost. At the beginning of the tourist season or at normal times the price of renting a scooter Side 20 euros. This price is minimal and applies to Chinese models, but if you want to rent a powerful unit and a more popular manufacturer, you will have to overpay 5-10 euros, depending on the model. Overpricing in the high tourist season is 20% to 40% of the standard price at the beginning or end of the year. The next factor affecting the price is the insurance of the unit you rented. We advise our guests to rent a car or moped with full insurance for a small surcharge, which will include such details as small scratches, side mirrors or a damaged helmet provided by the company. Consider a different driving mentality in Turkey, be as vigilant as possible and do not give up insurance if there is the slightest uncertainty.

Conditions for renting a motorcycle in Side

  • 1) Possession of rights confirming permission to drive a motorcycle. Otherwise, in the provision of photography rights, the contract cannot be concluded.
  • 2) The rental price is provided for 1 day and this is the minimum period (24 hours). If you wish to take the unit for several days, you may be provided with more reasonable prices and other terms of the contract.
  • 3) Only the person with whom the contract is concluded may drive the motorcycle. If a second person who does not have a permit sits down for management, then this can attract consequences. Traffic police check documents and raids take place almost every day, and the fines are quite high. The landlord may require a deposit in cases of fines, which at the end of the contract are returned to you if there were no traffic violations.
  • 4) All fines will be paid by the renter, so you need to be responsible both while driving and while parking. Side has many paid parking spaces where it is advised to park and is inexpensive.
  • 5) Be sure to read the entire contract carefully, all conditions are written in several languages, including Russian, which will facilitate your familiarization with document.
  • 6) Before accepting the keys, carry out a careful visual inspection, and if necessary, a video and photo fixation of the motorcycle, since everything damages are paid by the renter, if there is no additional insurance against minor events.

What to see where to go on a scooter on your own in Side

Side is a fairly compact city, so you can visit all the most beautiful places on a scooter in Side, even if you are in one of the city's villages ... You can independently go to the Temple of Apollo, an old amphitheater, to the ancient Roman aqueduct. Amphitheater in Side Aspendos, one of the best-preserved amphitheaters in the world with excellent acoustics. In addition, you can also go to the Manavgat waterfall, the Side City Museum, see the walls of the ancient city or the Aspendos Bridge. In addition, here you can also go on a sea voyage